Backyard Fruit Growers

The informal association of Backyard Fruit Growers began in 1990 as an exchange of information for amateurs and others in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, who wish to produce excellent fruit for the family, and to respect the backyard environment. Members get together four times a year at seasonal meetings (Winter, Spring Grafting, Summer Orchard Tour, Fall Apple Tasting) to share ideas and fellowship. Members also receive a newsletter, Backyard Fruit Grower, which has a circulation of about 350. If you live within driving distance of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and if you would like to participate in our seasonal events, subscribe to the seasonal newsletter to receive schedules and directions. To subscribe to the seasonal newsletter, print out this online copy of the Backyard Fruit Growers brochure, and send $15 for 2 years membership and snailmail to BYFG c/o Nils Peterson, 6666 Van Winkle Drive, Falls Church, VA 22044.  .

Contact Backyard Fruit Growers by emailing Andy Weidman, Vice President BYFG

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Fall 2021 Newsletter (members will need to use the same username and password as for Woodbank)

BYFG Volunteers Needed for Landis Valley Museum Harvest Days Apple Tasting Oct. 9th & 10th 2021.

If you can help, contact Peter Fisher. See Fall 2021 Newsletter page 2 for contact information.

WOODBANK 2018 is online!

Members can download a copy of Woodbank 2018 in pdf format by clicking here.You can get the depositor list here.
(password is in your current Newsletter)

Check Winter Newsletter 2020 for password
With ongoing epidemic and remote working conditions we are working together on future events. Please watch this page and BYFG face book page to stay informed on future events and cancellations. If you have friends that don’t communicate on these 2 platforms please inform them on the events. Please stay healthy BYFG

Future and Recent Events

Current BYFG Newsletter subscribers and their families are invited to the following events. Please check the website for schedule changes and corrections. See your Newsletter for driving directions and the schedule for each day - Thanks

2021 Dates
Jan TBA Winter Meeting, Farm and Home - Lancaster, PA.(CANCELLED!!)
Feb TBA Winter Workshops Farm and Home - Lancaster, PA.(CANCELLED!!)
March TBA Grafting Workshop, Landis Valley Museum.(CANCELLED!!)
April TBA Planning Group Meeting via Zoom
May 7 & 8 BYFG Tree Sale, Ken's home by appointment only
August TBA Summer Tour possibly via Zoom
September TBA Pawpaw Tour(s), contact Ted Weeden (see Fall 2021 Newsletter)
October 9 and 10 BYFG/LVM Tasting, Landis Valley Museum
October BYFG Private Tasting, White Oak Nursery(CANCELLED!!)
November TBA Planning Group Meeting via Zoom

2020 Dates
Jan 18 Winter Meeting, Farm and Home - Lancaster, PA.
Feb 15 Winter Workshops Farm and Home - Lancaster, PA.
March 21 Grafting Workshop, Landis Valley Museum. (CANCELLED!!)
April 18 Planning Group Meeting, Oregon Dairy, Lititz, PA (CANCELLED!!)
May TBA BYFG Tree Sale, Landis Valley Museum (CANCELLED!!)
August TBA Summer Tour (CANCELLED!!)
September TBA Pawpaw Tour(s) (CANCELLED!!)
October TBA BYFG/LVM Tasting, Landis Valley Museum (CANCELLED!!)
October TBA BYFG Private Tasting, White Oak Nursery (CANCELLED!!)
November TBA Planning Group Meeting, Oregon Dairy, Lititz, PA (CANCELLED!!)


Woodbank 2018 is a listing of cultivars fruited by members of the BYFGs who offer to swap scionwood with other listed BYFGs during our seasonal get-togethers. Deposit your varieties with Steve Shambeda by December 29th of every year. Hardcopies will be updated/uploaded and distributed on the even numbered years at the January meeting, and electronic copies will be updated/uploaded on odd numbered years. Woodbank 2018 will be free to all depositors who list in 2018. If you are not yet a listed depositor, you may pick up Woodbank copies at seasonal meeting for $5.00 each. Members can also download a copy of Woodbank 2018 in pdf format by clicking here. You can get the depositor list here. You will be prompted for a username and password which you can obtain from your most recent issue of Backyard Fruit Grower newsletter or you can email Chris. The username/password is the same for the newsletter.

Visit Other BYFG Orchards

The following BYFGs invite you to call or write ahead and arrange a visit:

  • Chris and Sarah Manning, 5276 Steelville Rd. , Steelville  PA  19310, Apples, plums, pears, kiwis, figs, and keep pastured laying hens and grow a large vegetable garden using integrated pest management methods. Also sollitary polinating bees.
  • Bill Dailey, Broomall, PA Intensive orchard of antique and new apples trained as espalier and cordons. Large selection of various gooseberry cultivars. Also other berries, pears, and peaches.
  • Tucker Hill, Etters, PA 717-938-6090. Chestnut, hazel, hickory, black walnut, Persian walnut, hican, pecan, jujube, pawpaw, jostaberry, trifoliate orange, figs, bamboo. Nut tree grafting.
  • Bass Samaan , Bethlehem,PA, Over 150 cultivars of figs, jujubes, kiwis, persimmons, etc. on a third of an acre. Also visit his website: Trees of Joy
  • Rick Stuby, New Tripoli, PA (610) 760-2306. Apples on vertical axis.  Honeybees.

Links to other pages of interest to BYFGs

New Additions to the site: (BYFG'ers can email me suggestions to add to our pages) 

Highly Recommended Sites

Online Catalogs, Sources, etc

Bees, Bees, Bees


Fruit Production Information Links

Gardening Links - Seeds

  • Burpee- the seed company's Home Gardening Pages with lots of good information.
  • Pinetree Garden Seeds A TREMENDOUS online catalog featuring many different kinds of seeds and some fruits. Great prices.
  • The Garden Web - a collection of gardening resources, including an on-line seed/plant exchange service

Miscellaneous Pages of Interest

Orchard Links

  • North Star Orchard- Ike and Lisa Kirschner's wonderful orchard and vegetable Farm located in Cochranville, PA.
  • Lakeside Orchards (Manchester, Maine) - offering apple gift packs.

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